I wont follow - Lyrics

on 26 Januar 2018

Der Songtext zu unserem Song "I won't follow". Dieser wird in Kürze auf unserer neuen Ep zu hören sein.

I won’t follow

You question my choices, but I choose the questions.

And in the end, there’s nothing you can really do.

Raise your voices, like a weapon in your hand.

But in the end, you’ll never gain what you’re fighting for.

Cover your faces, I follow your traces ‘til the end

And I make sure for that your freedom isn’t free


No, I won’t follow – Why don’t you know

Now and tomorrow – Why don’t you know

Let’s drown our sorrows – Why don’t you know

No, I won’t follow


Escape to the mountains, always be surrounded in your cave

The air your breathing gets thinner every day

Your thoughts are boundless, but scars are countless, still there’s pain

So just be wise now and bring all this to an end.