Weinfest Radebeul 2016 [CONCERT]

We covered 'Louder than the DJ' (rights belong to Billy Talent) and 'Only of you' (rights belong to Green Day). All the other songs are written by Wicked Waste.



Somewhere between heaven & hell  00:00
Jacob needs coffee   05:23 
Not in my right mind  09:03 
There's a spider staring at me  12:34 
Fallen from the sky  17:1 1
Louder than the DJ (Billy Talent Cover)  20:57 
Let that city drown  24:58 
Only of you (Green Day cover)  28:31 
It smells like fire  31:31 
Neuer Punksong  35:36 
Krieg  38:35 
I won't follow  41:43 
Golden sun  45:22