Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell - Lyrics

19. 04. 28

Die Lyrics des ersten Songs der EP "Fallen From The Sky"


Somewhere between heaven and hell

Verse 1:

We first met in the park, covered by the dark, how time flies by. 
Ran my fingers through your hair and I followed you upstairs. 
But now, one floor below, a bunch of flowers in my hand,

I don`t know what to do. I’m feeling that I need you. 

Verse 2:

Now I replaced life`s corset, with a cigarette, smoking’s with smoke. 
Signing soul deals with the devil, rising alcohol level. 
This space, shadowing my face, a soundless love song on my lips. 
The nightmare I`ve become, everything feels so wrong. 


We broke our trust with lies

Last blink of paradise

Somewhere between heaven and hell 
each other now we blame

The guilt that we disclaim

There’s nothing left to say

Verse 3:

Now I’m ringing at your door, not suffering anymore, hopeful minds. 
blood`s flooding through my veins, while I`m having brain waves. 
And my mouth is dry like the withered leaves I just walked through. 
All the options I supposed, but the door stays closed.