Spider - Lyrics

19. 04. 28

Der letzte Song der EP "Fallen From The Sky" schwarz auf weiß...



There was a spider climbing down the wall

And I asked her what did I wrong?” but she didn‘t answer at all

I wasnt even able to think about

How Ill fight against - fight against her view

Now I reached the point of no return

The only way to escape - the spider has to burn

They tell me that I just have to stay strong

And that this moment will - will be over soon


There was a spider staring at me

But I couldn‘t kill her (kill her)

Her eyes forced me on my knees

And I’m on my last nerves (last nerves)

Will I ever fight against her?

Or did I still give up? (give up?)

I think the time is over

There must be still a place where I’ll be safe

And I don’t mean the jungle - the jungle full of lies

Am I close enough or is she

Is she too far away? Is she too far away?

Every night I dream about this hag

Obviously I get - I’m getting paranoid

Now she oppressed me for such a long time

And I think it’s enough - Viva vendetta