Shut The Fuck Up - Lyrics

19. 05. 07

Hier die Lines zum Mitgröhlen von "Shut The Fuck Up" aus der EP "Fallen From The Sky"...


Verse 1:

I had a nightmare while daydreamin‘

It seems they only live to die

Or maybe it wasn’t a dream

Did I just watch the tv screen?

Verse 2:

I ask my country if everything is allright

They said there might be a revolution tonight

It is raining outside today

From a said sky so what should I say?


Ohh where is your ambition?

You definitely failed the mission

You are searching for a purpose in this life

But in the end you’ll get under the knife

Verse 3:

A little spark in the darkness of war

I never seen anything before

Freedom is what I’m lookin for

But I can’t find it anymore

Verse 4:

The sound of my amp is burnin

Maybe it could crash a Sherman

You call me a little fuck

I tell you shut the fuck up